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Для писем / Inbox

Posted on 2025.12.01 at 01:11

This is my "Inbox". If you want to contact me, but don't want to use e-mail, please write here. Your comments are visible only to me.

"Для писем" - Если Вы хотите мне написать, оставте комментарий к этой записи (он будет виден только мне).

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Baby Mobile with 3Doodler

Posted on 2016.08.20 at 16:38
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What will happen if you combine 3D printing, electrical circuitry and magnets?

Miniature motor is taken from electrical toothbrush, micro switch from old toy and battery holders from pocket light. Magnets are recycled from packaging and miniature carabins bough in Panduro. All drawings are my own, though I traced some of Sopwith Pup blueprints.

Total time to complete - three month. About halfway I killed my 3Doodler v2 and had to wait for replacement 3Doodler Create.

Hello Dr. Grandin


Posted on 2016.08.07 at 11:35
Current Location: Westerland, Sylt, Germany

This is Syltella, instead of palm oil it uses real dairy cream, raw cocoa powder replaced with dark chocolate, even the plain salt replaced with Atlantic sea salt and I'm sure that the hazelnuts are also one of the best, probably handpicked. How does it taste? Pretty much like Nutella, only more expensive!

In a way, this is epitome of Sylt. Every ingredient is excellent, beach is white sand and clean, you can eat it. Your corner pizzeria probably have five Michelin stars, but you are still on North Sea, not Mediterranean! Water +18°C and air is +20°C to +25°C.

Don't get me wrong, you can not enjoy Sylt and Syltella.


На деревню бабушке

Posted on 2016.08.05 at 10:41

Подарок моей маме на день рождения. Майкины ручки и ножки отпечатанные в пластилине Fimo. Если хотите такие, то покупайте детский Fimo - он мягче и отпечатки будет делать легче.


Kirschen Strudel

Posted on 2016.07.30 at 23:23

1 чашка белой муки
3 столовые ложки растительного масла
0.5 чайной ложки соли
0.5 чашки холодной воды
2 столовые ложки растопленного сливочного масла
сахарная пудра для украшения

2 чашки вишен очищенных от косточек
0.5 чашки миндаля "ломтиками"
1 столовая ложка сахара
1 столовая ложка кукурузного крахмала
1 чайная ложка ванильного экстракта
1 чайная ложка вишнёвого ликёра
хозяйственное мыло

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Posted on 2016.07.22 at 23:15
Current Location: Kolding, Denmark

Danish summer short and intense, there are so much light, so much wind, so much smells, sounds and so much happening. Blooming flowers are quickly replacing each other: the fox gloves rod runs with flowers like Bickford's fuse - flame of flowers quickly rising up. Same happens with mallow, they only started last week and already there is a pool of dropped rosettes. Just a few weeks ago swallow chicks were opening their yellow beaks in the nest and today they are already high up in the sky, whistling clear and light, chasing, playing with each other. The little wagtail walking in freshly cut grass, serious and busy-looking, like his parents. Only his light grey head giving out his young age - only few weeks old in fact. Just like Maya, who is ten weeks today.


По слогам

Posted on 2016.07.20 at 09:33
Просто записать как это было.

Майя лежит на пеленальном столике, улыбается и издает всякие детские звуки. Я смотрю на неё и повторяю "Майя". Не сводят с меня глаз она отвечает вопросительным "Эээээ?". Я ещё раз повторяю "Ма-йя". Майка снова пристально смотрит и отвечает "Ааааа?". Ещё раз повторяю "Ма-йя!" и мне в ответ, крошечный ротик тихонечко повторяет "Аа-ааа" уверенно копируя мою интонацию.

Два месяца и одна неделя.


Spot the difference

Posted on 2016.07.16 at 18:49
Current Location: Westerland, Sylt, Germany
Tags: ,

Same spot, same girl, just one year later. As you can see the weather stays pretty much the same year-to-year. Sand have moved and asphalt was repaired. Oh, and we broke the umbrella on this trip!

There is something nice about returning to the same place. Pleasure of recognising the differences and comfort of familiarity. Last year we were on the day trip and this year we made a holiday week out of it. It was well worth it and felt too short. We are back home already.



Westerland, Sylt

Posted on 2016.07.14 at 20:31
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Beach in Westerland, Sylt.

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Posted on 2016.07.10 at 22:09
Current Location: Sylt, Germany

Sylt is very close to Fanø geographically , but very far apart culturally . While Fanø easily speaks three languages : German ,Englishand Danish ,Sylt does not speak Danish at all!!! Young people speak English , like almost anywhere in Germany. We have not heard Danish , have not seen Danish number plates.

Nature is very similar, but on Sylt people and nature are separated by walls, fences, and wire. This is mostly to protect nature from excessive flow of people.

Sylt is very new, well maintained, fresh-painted , pawed, cleaned and swiped. I'm slightly uneasy with cyclists sharing footpath with pedestrians. Then, there are not many pedestrians walking around. people tend to either cycle or drive. Cars are expensive on Sylt. Not like in Moscow, but expensive in various ways: old classic, well-preserved for the past fourty years, big motorway-eater with luxury of five star hotel, grumbling sport coupe and similar coupe moving with no sound at all. Even Soviet GAZ-69 looks expensive, painstakingly restored to fresh of conveyor belt condition.

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