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Для писем / Inbox

Posted on 2025.12.01 at 01:11

This is my "Inbox". If you want to contact me, but don't want to use e-mail, please write here. Your comments are visible only to me.

"Для писем" - Если Вы хотите мне написать, оставте комментарий к этой записи (он будет виден только мне).

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Portrait with 3Doodler

Posted on 2016.01.30 at 23:48
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Tracing prints with 3Doodler is fun! The bigger - the better!

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On competitions

Posted on 2016.01.25 at 00:02
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Yet another one of my images came back from competition as last of choice! The verdict is somewhat typical "unsharp", "lacks contrast" and "no point of interest". For the past several years my images were coming at club competitions last. Not in the middle, not second from last, just steadfast last one in the whole club.

I came to realise that these blurry, low contrast, badly composed images are the ones that I like most. I will continue producing more of them.

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Frozen Slotssøen

Posted on 2016.01.22 at 20:37
Current Location: Slotssøen, Kolding, Denmark
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It was so cold for several nights that the lake in Kolding city centre is frozen and safe to walk on. An unusual experience to see Koldinghus and other buildings from the centre of the lake.


All waterfowl gathered in a small hole clear of ice. Their prints on the snow leading to and fro this little lake. Small rhombus prints of seagulls, triforked ducks and incredibly large, almost human shoe sized swan prints.

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Cold day

Posted on 2016.01.17 at 23:00



Posted on 2016.01.05 at 17:02
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So far, this is my most ambitious project with 3Doodler - the Gingerbread House! Initially I thought about decorating it with snow and ice (white, clear and transparent-blue PLA), but after finishing the house itself, I decided to leave it as it is.

I started with few sketches to get the proportions right and then drew a map of the front, side, one half of the roof, mansard elements and door. Map needs to be very accurate, otherwise the pieces would not fit together.

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Posted on 2016.01.05 at 11:45
Current Location: Odessa, Ukraine

Одессу сравнивают со средиземноморскими городами, но я сначала этого сходства не уловил - архитектура больше похожа на Санкт-Петербург, только без каналов. Сходство более тонкое - в улицах-ступеньках, в террасах и спусках, в брусчатке.

Одесса отличается от средиземноморских курортов тем, что между городом и морем - действующий грузовой порт, с контейнерным терминалом, с железнодорожными путями, с шумом и пылью порта, гудками тепловозов и машин.

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Posted on 2015.12.27 at 12:03
Current Location: Otrada, Odessa, Ukraine
Про Одессу надо писать много и долго - про улицы, машины, спуски, балконы, бульвары, театры, музеи и конечно про самих одесситов. А пока вот вам котик - самый настоящий одессит, родился и вырос на пляже Отрада.




Posted on 2015.12.22 at 19:08

We are in Kiev.


Lucia Optog i AroS

Posted on 2015.12.13 at 21:54
Current Location: Århus, Denmark
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St.Lucia Procession in AroS Museum of Art in Århus.

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