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Майка 14 мес.

Posted on 2017.07.30 at 21:51
Current Location: Kolding, Denmark

Майка ходит вдоль опоры: края дивана, спинки стульев, ручек шкафов в кухне. Самостоятельно забирается с пола на диван, уже без всяких подушек, и потом с дивана на подоконник.

У Майки три зуба и режется четвёртый. Майка сама их чистит сидя вечером в ванночке. Самостоятельно ест вилкой и ложкой. Причём вилку предпочитает взрослую. Мы ей доверяем, поскольку вилкой она орудует умело и аккуратно.

Играет с куклами. Вчера поила медведя воображаемым чаем из игрушечной чашки. Подносила чашку ко рту медведя и наклоняла со звуком "фсить - фсить". Наливает воображаемый чай из игрушечного чайника если я протягиваю ей чашку. Сегодня нашла на кухне пакетик супа концентрата и "высыпала" его в кошачью миску, я не сразу догадался что она "кормит" кота, как я это делаю по утрам. Пакет супа очень похож на пакеты кошачьего корма.

Во время отпуска мы плавали на пароме, где нужно выходить из машин. Майке очень понравилось - в салоне парома можно было знакомится с другими пассажирами, ползать по коврам на полу и смотреть в окно на волны. В машине ей очень понравилось стоят на заднем сиденье и смотреть в открытую заднюю дверь на стоянках. Во время дождя это особенно интересно - с поднятой задней двери капает как с крыши.



Posted on 2017.07.26 at 23:01
Current Location: Bornholm, Denmark
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Пик туризма на Борнхольме каждый раз совпадает с экономическим упадком в остальной Дании. Как только благосостояние датчан восстанавливается они сменяют море Балтийское на моря более тёплые. Практически все кого мы спрашивали были на Борнхольме или "давно, с родителями" или со школьным походом, тоже давно.

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Сырники на подносе

Posted on 2017.07.25 at 21:31
Творог 500 гр.
Яйца - 2 шт. средних
Мука пшеничная - 6 столовых ложек
Сахар - 2 столовые ложки
Масло сливочное - 30 гр

В каждую ячейку подноса накапать растительного масла. Смесь выкладывать в холодный поднос.

Записал для себя, без картинок.



Posted on 2017.07.20 at 11:04
Current Location: Bornholm, Denmark

Bornholm smells of last blossoms of elderberry shrubs and elm trees, mixed with a fine note of smoke from birch wood burning in home smokeries. Small coastal towns add smell of vanilla from wafer for ice cream cones and variety of food places.

There are very little sea smells. Even offloading fish trawler smells of fresh water, ropes and rubber. Baltic sea looks calm and tame in my eyes, trained on Atlantic coastal line. Trees are growing right next to the water and grass comes to the shore as if it was an inland river. Boat moorings protected by piers not higher than a meter and tide is barely noticeable.

As I watch the warm sea wind gently play with my daughter's hair, I say quietly - one day I will show you the towering cliffs, waves crashing over breakwaters, rocks piled up by storms and sky glistening with salt crystals like mother pearl.

Which county would you call your home?


Maya 13 mnth.

Posted on 2017.07.06 at 23:28
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Maya looks like young Christopher Robin in his father illustrations.


Fountain "Endless Connection", Århus

Posted on 2017.07.06 at 22:49
Current Location: Fountain "Endless Connection", Århus, Denmark

The only way I can describe this fountain as "walk-in". Water jets come from the metal grating that is level with the pavement. There are islands between the walls of water and grating swallows water quickly, so you could be dry standing between the walls of water. Also, walls raise and fall in patterns and for about a minute or two the whole fountain sleeps, with no water coming up at all.

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Our neighbours on Fanø

Posted on 2017.06.24 at 12:39


Skt. Hans on Fanø

Posted on 2017.06.24 at 12:27
Current Location: Fanø, Denmark
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Skt. Hans bonfire on Fanø. Hard to believe is was four years ago.


33rd International Kite Fliers Meeting on Fanø - Report

Posted on 2017.06.20 at 22:56
Current Location: Fanø, Denmark
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I don't know the official numbers, but it feels like it was by far the biggest meeting ever. I heard that Thursday was some public holiday in Germany, which contributed to the number of participants, then the good weather, plus reports on Danish TV and finally some regular presence on social media.

Again, this is my personal perception, but I noticed many more Dutch number plates and larger percentage of Danish. Sadly I did not see a single British number. These became a rarity after closing of ferry route from Harwich to Esbjerg in 2014. There were some cars from Belgium, France and even Poland!

Japanese delegation arrived the weekend before and was on Fanø whole week. I did see some of their kites, more based on tradition, rather than new technology and materials. But they brought something new to the meeting, which I have not seen in previous years - the singing kites! The kite's form is not important, but the front of a kite should have a curved arc stretching a string, just like a bow. This bow should be perpendicular to the wind. I think some of the kites had several strings on the same arch, giving tone variations to the sound. The sound of these kites could be compared to anything from overhead airplane to an idling moped. I could imagine that these kites could have been used for signalling, as the sound from kite travels good distance even across and against the wind!

It was impossible to find accommodation in Nordby or Rindby, so we stayed in the house among the sand dunes south-west of Sønderho. I think it was only three or four houses away from the most southern house on Fanø. Additional feature of the house was neighbouring rabbit hole, inhabited by five tiny baby rabbits. These little fur balls were warming themselves on the sun each morning and playing in the evening right before our windows.

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