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Для писем / Inbox

Posted on 2025.12.01 at 01:11

This is my "Inbox". If you want to contact me, but don't want to use e-mail, please write here. Your comments are visible only to me.

"Для писем" - Если Вы хотите мне написать, оставте комментарий к этой записи (он будет виден только мне).

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Burnt Randbøl Hede

Posted on 2018.06.10 at 12:48
Current Location: Randbøl Hede, Denmark
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Randbøl Hede burned all weekend. Almost a month without rain completely dried heather. I'm guessing it was a carelessly dropped cigarette butt, so many of them could be found around vista points on top of the dunes. Strong wind made fire spread quickly and widely.

Yesterday the sand and ashes were still hot. Combination of white sand and charcoal is wild and unusual for the eye. It was like walking in a fantasy "corrupt land", where everything outside your footpath is scorched. Fire was very low, so even tree leaves were dried, but not burnt. And I guess it was suffocating: there were no remains of small animals, none of the birds, but plenty of burnt insects and even a small snake.

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Thistle 2

Posted on 2018.06.08 at 09:06
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f8, 1/500, 50mm., ISO200


Landscape with a tree

Posted on 2018.06.07 at 23:26
f11, 1/200, 12mm, ISO200


Landscape with lake

Posted on 2018.06.07 at 23:22
f11, 1/250, 14mm, ISO200



Posted on 2018.06.01 at 09:58
f4.5, 1/2000, ISO200, 50mm.


Queen of Bubbles

Posted on 2018.05.31 at 22:38

Picture for cross-eyed viewing (left picture for right eye). To view in stereo on an ordinary computer screen: sit at normal reading distance. Place small, vertical object, like pen or finger, between your eyes and the screen. Focus your eyes on that object. Move object closer or further until two pictures in background would become one. Refocus your sight on that picture.

Do you remember a time, when PC speaker could only beep? No music, not polyphony, nothing. In original specification of IBM PC you could only specify a frequency and duration of the beep. But you could turn on or off the sound as often as you want. Which in mid 90s led to an explosion of games with sampled sound. The trick was simple - put speaker in maximum frequency and then modulate on/off bit to produce any desired sound.

The idea is to control relatively dumb (or nicely said "simple") hardware with sophisticated instructions, that take in to account limitations of the hardware, but make it do more than it was originally designed for.

Now this video tells the story of a using unmodified NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) to run SNES games or video or multi colour graphics that original hardware was incapable of producing. To save you twenty two minutes: the NES cartridge is replaced with Raspberry Pi computer, that generates graphics for NES, bypassing a lot of hardware shortcomings with more sophisticated instructions.

Now, if you skipped watching the video, just go to 19:25 and watch the last few minutes. Author explains it "I'm talking about replacing parts of your hardware parts of your brain with technology that surpasses your brain in functionality, so for example we could imagine replacing our memories or you know the hardware that powers our memories".

This idea is also explored in "Earth: Final Conflict" based on Gene Roddenberry ideas, where Cyber-Viral Implant interfaces to human brain giving enhanced mental abilities.

Could this be the hope for humanity in a face of AI upcoming or is that the source of singularity? I don't know, but I find it interesting how gaming hardware used to illustrate science fiction idea from 90s. About the time when we learned how to control a PC speaker.

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A Little Duck Herder

Posted on 2018.05.21 at 22:55
f6.7, 1/1000, ISO200, 50mm


Black Forest Gateau

Posted on 2018.05.15 at 15:16


For preparation see here: http://www.odlums.ie/recipes/black-forest-gateau/

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