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4th December 2017


Flensburg and Hindsgavl

Posted on 2017.12.04 at 22:31
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We had a very busy weekend with Christmas party at my work place on Friday, then trip to Flensburg on Saturday and children's afternoon at Hindsgavl Slot on Sunday.

Flensburg Christmas Market is very much the same as it was in previous years. This weekend it was wet, but warm. We found the same huts with sausages, with hot apple punch and Jaegermeister cacao.

Maya enjoyed hot apple juice and shared a sausage with me. We looked at the ever spinning carousel with blinking lights and I was looking back through my memories of past markets.

Hindsgavl Slot party was especially for children - with colouring competition, Santa giving bags of gummy sweets and assorted desserts: pastries, cookies and aebleskiver. Later we made right here, on traditional deep pans with hemispherical cups. Maya did not like Santa, with enormously big white beard and legs in enormous grey, home-knitted socks. She liked the crate of mandarins, about the size of her bed, asking me to be held over it again and again.

Then we all went outside, where town mayor had a short speech and lit a large Christmas tree in front of the mansion. Maya was really amazed when suddenly the tree lit up with small lights. She wanted to crawl under the tree, like many other children. I wonder, what's the appeal there?
The only thing that would have made that evening better would be an extended family or friends with us, like other families, coming with grandparents, neighbours children and even one dog.

Overall, I feel that the Christmas cheer is quietly coming to us. Hey, we even bought an Advent Calendar, first one in my entire life! Nadia enjoying little LEGO puzzle every evening.

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