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BW_FineArt Venice

Lviv: EU and coffee

Posted on 2014.01.08 at 18:22
Current Location: Lviv, Ukraine
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Did you notice how tea-drinking countries newer seem to get along with EU? From that perspective Western Ukraine is all ready for euro integration. Coffee culture seem to be flourishing in Lviv - coffee shops on every corner, service is very much customer-oriented, they even got theme-based restaurants, museums of fake facts and people go to church in the morning! Cribs on squares and in shop windows, St Mary's figures built in house corners. All that is left is to teach car drivers not to park on the footpath and cyclists not to drive on it. Especially attractive seem to be pedestrian crossings - they are treated as an extra parking space by majority of car drivers. Kiev is even worth that way - car drivers not only park, but also drive on footpath. Many walkways in city center feature special anti-car traps, reminiscent of WW2 anti-tank caltrops. Cyclists in Kiev seem to be completely outside the law, I seen few crossing multi-lane motorway in diagonal direction.







La Vierge De Neige
laviergedeneige at 2014-01-08 19:11 (UTC) (Link)
Интересная мысль про ЕС и кофе. :)
Четвертая фотография особенно понравилась.
fivestep at 2014-01-09 06:51 (UTC) (Link)
momak71 at 2014-01-09 11:22 (UTC) (Link)
... и не удивительно, ведь Львов стал частью Украины сравнительно недавно.
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